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Dental crowns are an easy solution to any cracked, broken or otherwise weak teeth. If you feel you're in need of a dental crown or we determine a crown is the best course of action, our experts can preform the proceedure and leave your teeth feeling strong and and looking beautiful.

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• Digital impression

• Various materials

• Full and partial crowns

• Ceramic and porcelain

• Permanent crowns

• Crowns for chipped or damaged teeth

Same-day crowns

Crowns can be done quickly and easily and are ideal for protecting your teeth or adding to their appearance. Crowns can be applied for a variety of reasons; let us apply them to repair broken or cracked teeth or use them to restore shape to a tooth that's eroded over time.

Improve your teeth in one visit

Crowns are useful in protecting your teeth that are susceptible to weakness or decay. Let us crown your teeth the same day, quickly, and with little to no pain. Doctor Robinson will do a digital impression of your mouth as opposed to the sticky, molded impressions, and build your crowns right at your chair.

We do crowns in just one day

Strengthen or perfect your teeth